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Customer loyalty made by Vectron

bonVito offers you customer retention, loyalty program, bonus cards and many other functions in combination with point of sale systems from Vectron.

Do you want to always stay up-to-date with what is currently happening in your branch wherever you are? Do you want to gain regular customers and achieve higher sales through them?

No problem: bonVito supplements your Vectron POS system to offer you these possibilities. Easily create promotional campaigns and use them to effectively address special customer groups in a targeted manner. You can call up the results online via PC - even across multiple branches. The bonVito app guarantees that you are always perfectly up-to-date with the latest developments on-site.


Campaign ideas with bonVito

Coupon-Campaign to improve liquidity during the Corona-Crisis

The current time requires a lot of creativity and imagination to defy the Corona crisis in the gastronomy, trade and bakery industry. We want to support you in the best possible way during this time - with valuable content (see Corona help page), but also with our campaign ideas. We would like to present one of them in this blog post.


How do I get money into the cash register despite the closure of my restaurant? The presented campaign brings you quick liquidity and in addition you stay in contact with your customers.


Sell a menu or any other product of your choice with a coupon that your customers can redeem after your restaurant reopens.

Example evening menu:

Sell your evening menu, which according to the current menu costs 50 €, for 40 € via coupon. Promote your coupon campaign e.g. via Facebook or your website. Let your customers contact you by email if they want to buy a coupon. If your customer has paid for the coupon e.g. via PayPal to you, you can send them the coupon code generated in bonVito by email. If the customer comes into your restaurant after reopening, then you scan the coupon code on payment and the menu is automatically generated with 100% discount.

Advantage for your customers: Cheaper evening menu - instead of 50 € only 40 €.

Your Advantage: You generate important income today and bind your customers to you in these difficult times.


You plan a reopening event after the crisis, e.g. a concert, for 35 €. Give a coupon to your customers who order his tickets by e-mail and the get 10% discount on all drinks on the event’s day. Promote this also via Facebook and your website.  

Advantage for your customers: Discounted drinks for this event.

Your advantage is that you generate important revenues through the ticket sales today and retain your customers for the time after the crisis.  You have liquidity today without costs of sales.


The ideas presented can be implemented with our bonVito module "Coupons" (selection "Advertising Coupons"). The presented campaigns can be created quickly, because everything is digital and nothing has to be printed (no customer cards, no flyers with coupon codes, etc.).


How to set up the promotional coupon campaign:

  • Define for which articles the coupon should be valid (e.g. evening menu)
  • Define until when the redemption may take place (e.g. 31.12.2020)
  • Set the discount level
  • Generate individual barcodes: Every customer must have an individual barcode. This ensures that each code can only be redeemed once. The codes delivered by bonVito must be converted individually into a 2D PDF 417 barcode, before you give it to your customer.

Do you need help with the creation of your promotional coupon or would you like free advice on campaign ideas? Your dealer (link to dealer search) or our campaign expert Matthias Knötgen will be happy to help you.  Please send him an email to

Tax questions concerning the campaign (e.g. the due date of the value added tax) please check it in advance with your tax consultant.

COVID-19 Crisis: Sale of online vouchers to your customers

In addition to our last campaign idea, in which coupons are a good way to gain turnover today, we present here the sale of online vouchers with bonVito.

Goal of the campaign:

How do I get turnover into my business despite closing my restaurant? The presented voucher campaign can bring you quick turnover.

Campaign idea:

Coupons are currently on everyone's lips. Take the chance and rely on the solidarity of your regular customers in these difficult times. Your regular customers will be happy to help you so that they can still be your guests after the crisis. Use your online channels and hang a big sign in front of your door, e.g. "We look forward to your support. Buy a voucher and help us during the difficult times so that we can continue to cook for you later".

Reference campaign "Hundewicker Bahnhof":

Our customer, Klaus Konert with his restaurant "Hundewicker Bahnhof" from Südlohn, encouraged his guests on Facebook to buy vouchers from him and thus support him and his team. He has also linked the voucher to great promotions and offers, so that his guests also have a future benefit. He writes on Facebook:

"[...] whoever currently buys a voucher for the Hundewicker Bahnhof, the Forellenhof or the Dorfgasthof Wissing will receive it with an added value of 10%. That means: You pay 50 GBP / Euros and get a voucher for 55 GBP / Euros.

We are currently offering our popular three-course surprise menu for two (also ideal as a gift) at a special price of 65 GBP / euros (instead of 75 GBP / euros).

At your next visit to our restaurant, we would like to thank you once again personally with a small surprise for your support in these difficult times.

Taking advantage of this offer is very simple:

You simply transfer your desired amount via Paypal to [...] and write your delivery address in the message field. The vouchers are redeemable in all three restaurants - so you can decide spontaneously where you want to eat.

We will then process your request as soon as possible (that should be fast, because we have time...) and send you the voucher by mail for free.

Thank you for your support and your trust - and above all, stay healthy!“

With this news, Klaus Konert has already made a lot of turnover in the first 14 days, which he now has at his disposal to bridge the gap. At the same time, he remains in contact with his customers, who are already looking forward to their favourite restaurant reopening soon thanks to the vouchers they have purchased. The comments received are consistently positive.


Implementation with bonVito:

With bonVito, the customer loyalty system by Vectron, you can issue a voucher to every customer who has sent you money via PayPal, for example. By evaluating the voucher book you can see which online vouchers were sent to whom. To these customers you can, for example, send a separate promotional coupon by e-mail at a later date. For example: "Buy a voucher now and receive a coupon for a free bottle of wine."

If you have a Vectron or Duratec EPOS System and have not yet activated bonVito, please contact your specialist dealer for further information.

Information about bonVito vouchers:

The bonVito vouchers are part of the e-payment module. The vouchers can either be purchased in the restaurant at the cash desk and topped up there with the corresponding amount, or they can be obtained via an online form. This looks as follows and is provided by bonVito for easy integration on your website. Of course you can also top up vouchers yourself via your Vectron or Duratec EPOS System (e.g. after receipt of a payment via PayPal).

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