POS systems for cafés

The perfect POS solution for cafés & confectioneries

Duratec supports working processes in your café with practical functions. All items can be booked with just a few taps, and the best-sellers can even be booked with just a touch. You can offer table reservations for Sunday brunch online and use a practical voucher system including administration. Security functions and detailed reports facilitate control and prevent misuse, e.g. for stamps. The practical switchover button ensures the right VAT rate for takeaway orders.  New employees are ready to use the POS system within a very short space of time. 

Highlight POS functions for cafés & confectioneries

Book in a flash

There are favourites buttons for the most popular items to enable them to be booked with just a touch, and you can also access all other products with just a few taps. You can serve more guests in a shorter period of time while shortening waiting times. Your guests will thank you. 

Get the till ringing with mobile devices

Taking payments on a mobile device reduces walking distances and saves time. This is why you can also use the POS app from Duratec to relieve pressure on your staff to serve guests more quickly and thus generate more sales. At the same time, errors are reduced as the orders are entered at the table and sent directly to the kitchen or bar.

Score points among your guests with customer cards

Customer cards are a further popular means of customer retention. With bonVito, you get a versatile system with automatic management, a dedicated customer portal, database and detailed evaluation. Promotions are quickly and easily processed via the POS system. 

Online reservation

Is your Sunday brunch a complete success but the many requests for table reservations cost you time and are difficult to manage? Provide a solution with an online reservation system. Our system manages all reservations (by telephone, in person, over the Internet) centrally and you can always keep your eye on the current document situation.

Further highlights for cafés

Duratec optimises working processes, makes taking payments secure and generates loyalty among your guests

  • Create products and product groups to suit the food and drinks menu
  • Quickly and easily amend products and prices yourself
  • Same time and effort with networked POS systems
  • Send special requests 100% reliably to the kitchen with the additional text function
  • Using the split function, quickly and conveniently divide orders between individual guests
  • Book orders directly at the guests’ table
  • Everything at a glance with the informative table overview
  • Generate catering receipts and customer bills at the touch of a button
  • Service reminder when nothing has been ordered for a table for a prolonged period
  • Automatically print out food orders in the kitchen, drinks orders at the bar
  • Collective receipts for group orders make work easier at the bar and in the kitchen area
  • Logo printing on receipts/bills so your guests remember you
  • Automatically apply discount campaigns
  • All orders are booked to a table number, which rules out allocation problems
  • Different user rights, cancellations can e.g. only be permitted for the head operator
  • Highlight errors and misuse with control reports
  • Important invoices for the guest can be printed again if required

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