POS systems for your business

The perfect POS solution for your business

The combination of stationary system and mobile APP is the ideal standard solution for restaurants, clubs & bars, fast food and snack bars, cafés, sushi bars or hairdressers. All Duratec POS systems use the same software and can be networked as required. This is perfect for future network expansions or simultaneous use of mobile and stationary POS systems.

The customer retention system bonVito completes the service package, making the POS systems even more efficient. All customer retention promotions are processed automatically by the POS systems during the payment process and can be evaluated in detail.


Country inn, trendy restaurant, pizzeria or award-winning cuisine: with Duratec, managing your restaurant is a piece of cake. Practical POS functions simplify processes and optimise service.

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Duratec supports working processes in your café. Reservation options for Sunday brunch and voucher functions are further functions that make your working day easier.

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Hairdressing salons

You have control over customer appointments and accounting with Duratec. Practical functions improve processes and optimise service. You can save all of the services rendered in the system and can view before every appointment which haircut, colour etc. the customer had last time.

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Clubs & bars

The business runs with Duratec. POS networks enable cashless payment systems to be established that simplify processes and optimise service. With flexible customer retention functions, you turn your guests into fans.

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Takeaways & fast food

Chips, currywurst, doner kebabs, falafels, burgers or sandwiches: You have control over your takeaway with Duratec. Enter orders with just a few clicks and thus quickly manage even the biggest rush of guests.

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Sushi bars

Duratec is perfect for your sushi bar: The POS can manage special requests just as reliably as takeaway orders, catering receipts for business customers or promotions to generate customer loyalty.

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