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Save time and walking distance with our POS app to take payments on mobile devices. Pressure is taken off your staff, guests are served more quickly and errors are reduced, as the orders are entered right at the table and sent directly to the kitchen or bar. More orders in a shorter time mean more sales and satisfied guests.

The POS app offers all of the convenience that you need when using the POS system wirelessly, and has such a simple design that you will have complete control over all of the functions in just a few minutes. The stationary POS system is suitable for more complex processes and also acts as a server for the mobile systems. The mobile and stationary devices are networked and perfectly coordinated with each other. Your data is not in the cloud, but safely stored in the POS itself. PLUs assigned to departments and search functions help you to always keep track of everything. 

The free demo mode can be used for training purposes or test purposes even without a connection to a stationary Duratec POS system. For practical use, a network connection with a stationary Duratec POS system is required.

  • For mobile iOS and Android devices
  • Works with WLAN, without an Internet connection
  • Can be booked flexibly on a monthly basis
  • Use the POS system intuitively, quickly and securely
  • Short training period and minimal error rate
30,00 €
/ month*
* our leasing conditions apply


Test our MobileApp for free

You can download the Duratec MobileApp for free in the “App Store” and on “Google Play” and try it out in demo mode without registering. Once the app is installed, first activate demo mode and then select a user and test out mobile order-taking at a table.

Find out more

  • Premium software with sophisticated, practical functions
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • PLU selection via main groups and departments
  • Input of additional item texts possible
  • Free factor and price input possible
  • Search functions
  • Numerous payment modes
  • Can be combined with all stationary and mobile Duratec POS systems
  • Flexible contract period
  • Try demo mode for free

A stationary Duratec POS system acts as a server for the app. More complex processes can be handled with the stationary POS system, which has made it possible to reduce the functions of the POS app down to the essentials. This makes it unbeatably clear and quick to use. With just a few intuitive taps, orders can be entered or changed and receipts can be closed.

The combination of professional hardware with the stationary POS system and modern POS app to take payments on a mobile device offers crucial advantages:

  • Fail-safe, robust solution without the Internet
  • Connection via local WLAN
  • Data backup in the POS system (no cloud)
  • Interfaces for printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc.

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