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Duratec is the intuitive second POS system brand of the established manufacturer Vectron Systems, who specialises in the production and sale of intelligent, network-compatible POS systems and software. The company was founded in 1990 and is one of the “Top 10” of European POS systems manufacturers and is the market leader in the German catering and bakery sector.

25 years of market experience and more than 200,000 installations have contributed to the development of Duratec. All this results in robust, durable and easy to use POS system solutions with all functions required to ensure smooth operation and a perfect service.

Handling payments and orders can be so easy

The unique combination of a professional stationary POS system and mobile app is the ideal standard POS system solution for restaurants, cafés, bars and other catering operations as well as hairdressing salons. Duratec offers all advantages of a stationary professional POS system such as durability, stability, waiter locks etc.  The supplementary app is the modern and cost-effective solution for the mobile handling of payments and orders.

Unlike a simple iPad POS system, the combination of fully developed stationary POS system and POS system app has considerable advantages. Your data is safe within the POS system itself and not in a cloud, you always have a backup of the data of all mobile devices on the stationary POS system and are able to access the numerous hardware interfaces directly.

Online-Marketingtool bonVito: perfect addition

The perfect POS system addition is our online marketing system bonVito which is integrated directly into the POS systems.  All customer retention tools such as e.g. customer loyalty cards with and without payment function, voucher cards, coupons, stamp booklets, etc. are processed automatically and tamper-proof during the payment process. This saves you valuable time. The range is complemented by a comprehensive table reservation system and an online order system.

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